Chillbean Air lounger on the beach and camping


It’s Lucas again! 

It’s often the case that people I talk to only think of Chillbean Air as something to use at the beach. 
The beach is great, of course, but when I first saw how to fill an Air Lounger with air, I immediately thought about how great it would be to have one for kayaking to an island in the archipelago or for stopping to take a break on a hike or while cross-country skiing.  Here is a list of my 4 personal favorite places to use a Chillbean Air: 

  1. Hanging out by the lake/river/sea – I live 5 minutes away from Örnsbergs Klippbad outdoor swimming area in Stockholm and totally love to hang out here with my friends! 
  2. Airports – Just this week, my flight was delayed an hour and a half.  Why sit and be uncomfortable with everyone else in the airport when I have my own lounge with me?! 
    PS. Always keep your Chillbean in your carry-on luggage!
  3. Who can go the longest without falling in the water? – My friends and I play this game when we go swimming in the summer.  We each have our own Chillbean Air and try to knock each other into the water without falling in ourselves!
  4. Festivals and Events – It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a huge music festival or a small, local BBQ fest, it’s always nice to have your Chillbean with you to be able to take a break between shows and other activities. 
    PS. If you’re at a music festival, you can really feel the bass while sitting in a Chillbean, a pleasant sensation for many people, myself included. 

I hope that you have been inspired to use your Chillbean Air in more places besides just the beach. 

Have fun!